Getting Started with
Smart Pizza Marketing

The biggest problem with all the marketing out there is analysis paralysis. Meaning that people get so overwhelmed with every new tool or tactic that they never take any meaning full action to even get started.

Or on the other hand they move from thing to thing and never fully understand or learn how to use it and assume “it doesn’t work for my business” which is far from true.

The fact is that not every tool or social media site is going to be a fit for your business or your personality.

I want this site to be a reference guide to everything that is available to you and a way for you to listen to experts or see examples of how these things work and then give you the tools to go and use them in your business an see for yourself.

So how should you get started? Go to the pages below and check out all the information that’s available to you in the format you feel comfortable consuming it.

Smart Pizza Marketing Podcast

Here you will find some interviews I have had with some experts on certain subjects as well as successful pizza entrepreneurs who have done what you are doing and have grown there business’s using the marketing tips you will find within this site.

Smart Pizza Marketing Blog

Here you will find detailed posts about how you can use some of the items I have placed on the resource page. With these posts I want you to leave being able to use and understand the potential of the tools that are explained.


This page will help you find the tools needed to get started with your marketing. I will review the tools there and also make how to posts in the coming weeks for you to better understand how to use and understand them.

Just head over there and take a look, the links will take you directly to those sites and for now you can just set up your accounts and reserve your business name.